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Software Type: Podcast Editing

Streamlabs Podcast Editor

Podcast editing and podcast promotion tool.

Podcast editor

Software Type: Podcast Editing

Free + From $12

Streamlabs Podcast Editor is an editing tool that lets you edit a video simply by editing the text transcripts. You can use it to remove filler words and awkward pauses from your show simply in the style of editing a document.

It can also:

  • Repurpose long-form podcast episodes into short clips for YouTube, Twitch, Instagram reels, and other social media platforms,
  • Cut, rotate, trim, add text to videos, and resize them,
  • Insert subtitles and translate them into 30+ languages,
  • Extract highlight clips using AI,
  • Brand your podcast episodes.

It also has a library of stock images, emojis, and shapes to make your content visually appealing. You can use your own graphical material to customize your video.

Besides editing, the ‘Streamlabs Talk Studio’ also lets you record your podcast or video. So you can make your podcasting workflow efficient and streamlined — all under one roof.

Is Streamlabs Podcast Editor free? Yes, Streamlabs Podcast Editor offers a free plan consisting of the podcast editor, 1 hour per month, and 15 GB of storage — but it comes with the Streamlas branding.

Streamlabs Podcast Editor pricing: The ‘Podcast Editor Pro’ plan starts at $12 per month with 40 hours per month, editing of videos up to 2 hours long,  250GB of storage, export subtitles, translation and no watermark.

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