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Software Type: Philosophy Tools

The Infinite Conversation

An infinite conversation between a director and a philosopher.

A never ending conversation!

Software Type: Philosophy Tools


The Infinite Conversation is an AI tool that depicts a never-ending conversation between Bavarian director, Werner Herzog, and Slovenian philosopher, Slavoj Žižek.

When you open the website, you hear two men talking about random things, and you are taken to a random point in the dialogue. Every day a new segment of the conversation is added.

Its creator believes that the addition of a new conversation segment is faster than you can hear it. So, it will last until the end of time.

It’s made using open-source tools. The generation of the script, for instance, is through a language model fine-tuned on interviews and content authored by each of the two speakers.

The owner of the website is an AI optimist and publishes some of the content occasionally in a podcast. You may listen to some segments of the conversations on your favorite podcast apps.

What’s the purpose of the tool? The author wants to explore the idea of how AI content being inexpensive has evolved our relationships with online media drastically.

On his about page, he mentions, “I remain hopeful that we will be able to regulate ourselves, and that we will take experiments such as the Infinite Conversation for what they are: a playful way to help us imagine what our favorite people would do, if we had unlimited access to their minds.”

Is there any evidence to support the dialogue presented in The Infinite Conversation? No, there is no evidence to support the dialogues presented in The Infinite Conversation. They may indeed be false and complete garbage occasionally. According to the owner, the dialogues are hallucinations of the AI.

Is The Infinite Conversation free to hear? Yes, it is free to hear.

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