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Software Type: Text Summarization


Summarize your articles without leaving the web page.

TLDR This: Text summarization tool

Software Type: Text Summarization

Free + From $ 4.99

TLDR This is a browser extension that can summarize any webpage you visit. You can also paste the URL of the article you need to summarize or paste the article itself on the software’s homepage.

For the summary, you can choose between a key sentence or a human-like summary. There are options to be short/concise or detailed section-wise — and toggle if you want to display keywords or not.

It also has a paraphrasing feature to help you rewrite the text in a custom voice and style. If you would also like all the details about the article you summarize, you can use its article metadata extraction tool to get the author, date information, reading time, etc.

Overall TLDR is a great tool to remove online distractions and extract important insights. This tool also assists in filtering out irrelevant information, allowing for a quicker understanding of the text.

Is TLDR This free? Yes, It is free to use for unlimited basic summaries, 10 advanced AI summaries, and up to 10 paraphrases.

TLDR This pricing: The “Starter” pack starts at $4.99/month with 100 advanced AI summaries and 100 paraphrases. With their “Professional” pack starting at $9.99/month, you get 500 advanced AI summaries, 500 paraphrases, and priority support.

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