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Software Type: Learning Tools


Learn diverse topics in an interactive content format.

tutor AI software

Software Type: Learning Tools

Free + From $10

TutorAI is an online learning platform that can create interactive content for you on any subject — whether maths, science, history, or marketing. Once you input a subject, it asks you to create a free account and generates different “modules” on the subtopics you want to learn.

Its UI generates lessons in an online course style. If you want to personalize your learning style, you can take a quiz and let Tutor’s adaptive learning system kick off. Its premium version lets you choose your learning level, track your progress, and even adjust over time after observing you to help you learn at your pace.

Beware that since it uses AI to generate content, it can generate harmful instructions, and biased or incorrect information.

Is Tutor AI free? You get 3 free queries to learn any subject.

Tutor AI: The TutorAI Personalized Learning plan starts at $10 per month.

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