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Software Type: Text to Song


Writes and produces songs and raps.

Uberduck: Make songs with AI

Software Type: Text to Song

Free + From $9.99

Uberduck is a synthetic vocal software that enables you to make music by using AI vocals. Its AI can generate speech, and synthesize singing and rapping vocals from the text you input.

Its ‘Voice Cloning’ can also make custom voices for your song or rap. It also has ‘Voice to Voice’ feature where you can change your voice to someone else’s while preserving the style. With its ‘API Access’, you can also customize all of these features.

To get started, you have to choose a beat from their collection, upload your lyrics (or let the AI make them for you by describing your song through prompts), and use your own voice or its built-in voices. And voila — you get a rap song that you can download as audio or video.

The software also features sample AI songs on their website that you can listen to. Some of them are, ‘Feed You Monster’ and ‘Born To Destroy.’

Is Uberduck free? Yes, you can use the Uberduck free plan, which offers limited access to the tool and features like private voice access and 300 render credits per month. But you aren’t allowed to use the generated output commercially.

Uberduck Pricing: The Uberduck ‘Creator’ plan starts at $9.99 per month, allowing you to use your generated stuff commercially, lower latency, API access, AI-generated raps, and 3600 credits per month refreshing at the start of each month.

Its ‘Credit’ system works in this way: One second of rendering costs one credit, and each second of a video costs two credits.

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