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Software Type: Content Rewriters


Rewrite your content while retaining its original meaning.

Ai text rewriter tool WordAI's homepage

Software Type: Content Rewriters


WordAI is a text rewriting tool that relies on advanced machine learning models to create “human” like text. It can generate up to 1k rewrites of your original article and even do a “Bulk Rewrite” by letting you upload your articles at once.

Most importantly, the company claims that its text output can pass as “human written” in most common AI content detection tools. So you can essentially generate AI content from tools like chatGPT, and rewrite them with WordAI to get a pass through such detectors. Its content is also SEO-friendly and more readable.

You can choose your rewrite from a range of “conservative” (that lets you retain more of your original content) to “creative” (to let the tool generate more adventurous rewrites).

Instead of rewriting entire articles, you can plug smaller phrases into WordAI. It’s handy for sentence restructuring, enriching your text with LSI keywords, improving the clarity, and overall quality of your writing.

Can you use WordAI for free? Yes, there’s a free 3-day trial you can take after creating a new account and giving its content spinning features a try.

WordAI Pricing: The monthly plan costs $57/month, but you can save a lot by opting for the yearly plan — it’s priced at $27/month (billed annually).

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