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Software Type: Text Summarization

WordTune Read

AI summarization tool to help you digest content faster.

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Software Type: Text Summarization

Free + From $24.99

WordTune Read is an AI summarization tool that can help you focus on what’s important while reading — whether an academic article, a business report, or a blog post.

It can summarize text from different points of view, emphasizing the topic you want. You can also use it to paraphrase your summaries, or even your email and presentations. It can correct your grammar, change your tone of voice, and more. You can also use its YouTube Video Summarizer to create textual summaries from videos.

Is WordTune Read free? The free plan offers 10 Rewrites and Spices a day, 3 AI Prompts a day, 3 Summaries a day, and Unlimited Text Corrections.

WordTune Pricing: However, you can upgrade to the Plus monthly plan for $24.99 to access more features and extended limits. You can 60% on the Plus plan by paying annually.

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