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As a powerful email marketing and landing page software, Convertkit becomes the go-to option for creators. You can use Convertkit to grow your email list, promote blog posts, deliver content upgrades, and sell products and services. Its email marketing automation builder is highly advanced yet easy to use.

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How To Get ConvertKit’s Free Trial

Unlike other email marketing software, managing contacts is easy with ConvertKit. You can find them in one place and use tags to separate each one, and it’s simple and effective. To get the benefits of its features, you can test the newly launched free trial.

  • Visit this link and pass the security check.
  • Answer a small survey by ConvertKit’s team.

  • Add your login details and get started with the free version.

How Much Does It Cost?

Convertkit has three pricing plans, including a free one. The free plan gives you unlimited landing pages but no automated sequences and a custom audience.

The prices increase depending on the number of subscribers. Both creator and creator pro plans provide unlimited landing pages, email broadcasts, and automated funnel sequences. The Creator Pro plan also provides Facebook custom audiences, a newsletter referral system, and advanced reporting.

Why Should You Use Convertkit?

Their visual automation feature lets you control the way your visitors will enter a sequence, and you don’t have to jump sequences to do this. Much like this, there are a few other key features of ConvertKit that are noteworthy.

Key features:

  • Various customizable page builder templates
  • Integration with powerful tools like Teachable, Shopify, etc
  • Multiple automated funnels and email sequences
  • Flexible subscription management
  • Let’s you charge for newsletters

Are you still in a dilemma about choosing ConvertKit? The FAQ section will help you make a decision.

Frequently Asked Questions On ConvertKit

Let’s answer some basic questions you may have about ConvertKit.

Are Mailchimp and ConvertKit the same?

Mailchimp’s recognized as the best email marketing system for a good reason. Its free plan allows you to do a lot more than ConvertKit and is also cheaper in comparison.

How long is the ConvertKit free trial?

With our link, you can have full access to automation and sequences with the 14-day free trial of ConvertKit.

Can you use ConvertKit as a CRM?

ConvertKit is not a CRM, but you can use it to nurture leads and convert them into customers.

Can I use ConvertKit for free?

ConvertKit has a free plan with up to 1000 subscribers with basic reporting and no automation sequences.

If you find ConvertKit useful for email marketing and wish you explore it, to avail its free trial here.