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Spreaker is one of the best podcast hosting platforms for creators. It has a built-in live-stream capability and is perfect for someone who wants advanced audio production capabilities.

You can also conduct live broadcasting sessions and build a biography page. Spreaker also has an impressive mobile app if you need to record your podcasts via a smartphone.

Though it does have a free plan to qualify as a free podcast hosting platform, it has certain limitations: only 5 hours of audio storage, a limited live broadcasting feature, and a disabled monetization program.

The Content Management System (CMS) of Spreaker is a breeze to work with. There are interactive pop-up prompts to guide you to relevant support articles about useful features.

You can customize your biography page with your bio, website, social media links, and picture. Distribution to all major podcast publishing platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher is available. It is also possible for listeners to listen to your podcast on the Spreaker app itself.

If you don’t want to release your podcast publicly just yet, Spreaker’s ‘limited access’ feature allows you to launch private podcasts with exclusive access.

Dynamic ad insertion is available for when you want to monetize your podcast. It is IAB certified, so onboarding advertisers isn’t gonna be a problem.

Statistics are pretty detailed giving you an overview of downloads, likes, shares, followers, etc. You get more and more in-depth analytics as you move towards the higher-tier plans.

Which Pricing Plan Is A Fit For You?

When you click on the coupon link, you get 1 month free on all the Professional plans of Spreaker. You can get customizable RSS feeds, programmatic monetization, episode scheduling, and multiple podcast hosting on all plans. But the similarities end there.

Here are the plans, their features, and who they fit best:

1. On-Air Talent

The On-Air Talent plan is perfect for beginner podcasters. You get unlimited episodes and listeners with 100-hour audio storage. You can host live podcasts for up to 45 minutes per podcast and get an embedded player. The statistics are quite basic with daily listeners and downloads.

2. Broadcaster

The Broadcaster is the most popular plan at Spreaker. A plan designed for intermediate-level podcasters, it has 500-hour audio storage and the option to enable paid subscriptions. You can get a customizable player for your podcast host live podcasting for up to 3 hours per podcast. The statistics are advanced including everything in On-Air along with listening sources, listeners’ geo-location, episode likes, and followers trends.

3. Anchorman

If you already have an established podcast, go with Anchorman. Its customizable player colors 1,500-hour video storage would be perfect for advanced podcasters. The statistics also get more in-depth including device and episode evolution. The live broadcasting is increased to 5 hours per podcast in Anchorman.


Spreaker is a well-known podcast hosting and podcast recording platform. Grab the coupon link to automatically apply a 1-month free discount on the Professional plans of Spreaker.