Review Methodology

We’re creators who want to help fellow creators make informed and sustainable software investments.

To achieve this goal, our reviewers understand the popular use cases of any new software category (for creators) via first-hand research. Then they rate them based on their personal experiences of testing the common workflows of a software.

Key Editorial Principles

Our goal is to have a long-lasting relationship with you, and that’s only possible when we create something genuinely helpful and valuable. Here are the editorial standards we adhere to in that regard:

1. Reader-first: In all of our content, we keep your interests at heart. We want to help you make the right decision for your business.

2. Neutrality: Our software reviews and other content on the website are not influenced by advertisers. You can trust the information on our website is impartial.

3. Transparency: We aim to candidly share what we learn about the software we review and clearly state how our business makes money.

What Does Our Software Review Process Look Like?

A content manager or editor first sends a category to review to our reviewer (for instance, podcast hosting platforms).

The reviewer then gets to work.

  • They identify software in the category that seems worth trying based on market research.
  • Sign up for various software they find interesting and take them for a spin.
  • A reviewer relies on a software company’s knowledge base, onboarding emails, and third-party tutorials on the web to learn a product’s important functionalities.
  • Next, they distill their personal experiences of testing the software and unbiasedly rate them for their user experience, unique features, and customer support.
  • Typically the reviewer and editor will also settle upon testing specific software category areas — which we share on the review page itself.
  • In the final “best” compilation, the reviewer mentions the software that stood out in their tests with a blurb of their experience trying them.

Note: We do not intend to include all products or all companies in a category we review.

We want to empower you as a creator by helping you quickly find the “ideal fit” software and tools for your needs. So our reviews have zero fluff and no hidden agenda.

How Do We Make Money?

Wherever possible, we have signed up as affiliates for the software we review. So if you sign up using our affiliate links, we get commissions for it (but at no extra cost to you).

Do We “Edit” the Software Reviews in Exchange for a Fee?


If we were to remove the affiliate links from our content tomorrow, the rankings and our copy wouldn’t change a bit.

We get requests to “bump” a company up on a “best” software compilation because that’s common practice in affiliate marketing. However, we strive to keep the best interest of our readers at heart. So none of the products we recommend are “priority placements.”

Want to help us conduct more impartial reviews?

Then buy products that fit your needs using our affiliate links. Don’t worry — we always try to get you the best deals 😉

Ad Partnership

We’re also signed up as a publishing partner with an ad network, Mediavine. They manage ad inventory on our website and pay us in exchange for the attention that we drive to their brand advertisements every month.