It Takes Guts to Battle Self-doubt, Create Something, and Put It Out in the World

Since you’re here, reading the ‘about page’ of this website for creative business owners, I assume you’re already building something (or planning to). Congratulations on that 🥳

Now it’s time to build something you’re proud of!

As a creative, all you need to do is:

  • Show up consistently
  • Improve your skillset
  • Pray to luck Gods to send some new fans and followers for your content

However, to sustain yourself via your craft, you need to learn the fundamentals of a creator’s business.

Starting a TikTok or YouTube channel and posting videos regularly is cool for hobbyists.

But There’s a Better Way to Become a Creative Entrepreneur

One that doesn’t rely on the puppet strings of a third-party tech giant algorithm. Instead, it hinges on resonating with a lean audience (called true fans) who loves hearing from you.

You get to own the complete experience around your craft. Moving beyond monetizing through ads, you direct the attention from your media assets to sell your own products. You attain financial security and become a part of the rare middle class of the creator economy.

Confused about how to walk down such a creator’s path?

That’s where we come in.

Elite Content Marketer offers education and software reviews to help beginner creators graduate into the middle-class (and beyond) sustainably.

We want to be a hub for creators to get:

Inspired by the success stories of others further along in their creator’s journey

Educated on how to build a thriving creator business from their craft

Entertained with some show recommendations and lighthearted humor

Discovered or discover upcoming creators & creator jobs

We continue to work on projects that help us achieve the above mission, one content piece at a time.

Wait for a second, though.

What Does Building a “Sustainable” Creator Business Mean?

It entails that you:

1. Avoid creator burnout: You move beyond chasing algorithms and “uploading” every week. A sustainable creator business generates healthy revenue without exhausting you emotionally or physically.

2. Make a stable middle-class income: Relying on multiple sources of income (if needed), your creator business makes a monthly income that affords you a decent quality of life.

With the right tech stack and systems in place, you manage your work efficiently, leaving ample time to rest and relax.

Who’s Behind Elite Content Marketer?

I, Chintan Zalani, am the founder of Elite Content Marketer (and find it weird to introduce myself like this). Years ago, I started as a freelance writer and found success with it to pursue other creative projects. You can explore my creative journey here.

How do we make money?

We’re an independent, advertising supported publisher.

When you buy products through the links in our software reviews, we typically make a commission. Mind you, we have a robust review methodology to ensure we write unbiased software reviews.

We’re also signed up as a partner with Mediavine, so they manage the ad inventory on our website.

By reading our content and signing up for products through our website, you’re supporting us in our mission.

I, Chintan, am grateful that you spent time this far to read about this little project. I applaud your efforts to become a creator and invite you to grow your creator business with us.

All the best!