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Looking for pitch calls, freelance opportunities, and business wisdom from experienced writers?

Then here are ten freelance writing newsletters you can consider subscribing to.

1. Sonia Weiser’s Opportunity of the Week Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers who find it difficult to keep up with opportunities posted on social media

Why subscribe to it: Find new pitches every week in your inbox without scrolling endlessly on social media (at a small monthly fee)

Author: Sonia Weiser

Frequency: Twice a week

Sonia used to hunt for freelance job prospects on social media as a part of her nightly routine. Soon enough, she boiled down her process of finding pitches and writing opportunities into a science. And her newsletter shares those at $4/month.

Can’t afford to pay $4/month? Then you can email her for still letting you subscribe.

The opportunities she shares are freelance, non-fiction, and paid — but some are low paying. So you need to thoroughly research and review freelance rate databases before applying. Along with submission details, she also shares deadlines.

You can subscribe to her newsletter here.

2. Peak Freelance Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Ambitious freelance writers

Why subscribe to it: Get advice on upscaling your freelance business from experienced six-figure freelance writers

Author: Elise Dopson and Michael Kennen

Frequency: Weekly

Elise and Michael are pretty popular in freelance writing circles for their helpful business and writing advice. In their weekly newsletter, they share one actionable writing tip, some writing opportunities, a Tweet of the week (to prompt some introspection), and links to their exclusive paid content.

I have personally derived value from their advice on writing, managing clients, networking, and whatnot.

I also like the personal touch in their newsletters where they often share even the mistakes they committed early in their careers. Or even discuss how they got burned out, took some time off, and reestablished boundaries in their freelance career.

You can subscribe to the Peak Freelance newsletter here.

3. Britanny Robinson One More Question Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers wanting to improve their sales pitch

Why subscribe to it: Get examples of killer sales pitches in your inbox to work with your dream client

Author: Brittany Robinson

Frequency: Twice a week

Britanny Robinson is a freelance journalist and ex-Managing Editor at The Dyrt Magazine in the outdoor industry. In the newsletter, she shares successful pitches by other freelancers that are converted into publication bylines.

Though she shares examples of pitches for free, the newsletter is paid. With a paid subscription, you can review your pitch once a month directly from her.

In the paid version, she shares some contests, grants, fellowships, and pitching opportunities She also shares her own and other freelancers’ advice on essays on writing, pitching, and publishing.

Every Friday, she shares weekly Q&A with other writers and editors, where they share their methods to do research, find jobs, and write good pitches.

You can subscribe to her newsletter here.

4. Kat Boogaard Weekly Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Beginners writers wanting to start freelance as a side hustle

Why subscribe to it: Get advice and motivation to start your freelance career right away

Author: Kat Boogaard

Frequency: Weekly

Kat Boogaard is a six-figure freelance writer. She considers herself lucky to be able to educate other writers to build their careers online. In her weekly newsletter, she shares tips to start your freelance journey, find clients, and onboard your first client.

I don’t know how but she always speaks my mind. Whenever I feel stuck and have self-doubts, her newsletter helps me to overcome the fear.

For the past few weeks, I was facing burnout and realized that I’ve been continuously working for the past two years without a single break. So, I followed her advice and took a break of one week — no emails, no calls, no messages. And it has helped me rejuvenate myself.

Kat tries to incorporate her sense of humor in the newsletter to make them fun while reading. She also helps her subscribers thrive in other areas of their life, like making time for themselves, not comparing themselves with others, and enjoying spending time doing their favorite activities.

5. Natasha Khullar Relph Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers want to make money by publishing novels and books

Why subscribe to it: To grow your freelance business and make more money by publishing novels

Author: Natasha Khullar Relph

Frequency: Weekly

Natasha Khullar is a freelance journalist with over 20+ years of experience. When you sign up for her newsletter, she shares a list of free resources, including publishing reports, templates, and some training videos to help you learn more about publishing.

In the weekly newsletter, she shares her experiences working with top-notch publications like The New York Times, TIME, CNN, BBC, etc., and her recent projects, learnings, and mistakes from her writing career.

She advises on traditional vs. indie publishing. She also shares counterintuitive writing advice, such as “write faster” to learn faster.

I remember reading one of her newsletters about failing faster to get better at your writing.

The more you write, the better you get. It can take five years to reach that 100,000-word milestone. Or you can do it in a year.

I followed her this advice and wrote approximately 1000 words daily. I had written trash in the beginning, but with time, I could see improvement in my writing style, the structure, and the free flow of my thoughts.

Occasionally in her newsletters, she also talks about the importance of building multiple sources of income and how you can do it too.

6. Kaleigh Moore Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers wanting to improve their writing skills

Why subscribe to it: Get actionable writing tips to become a better writer

Author: Kaleigh Moore

Frequency: Weekly

Kaleigh Moore is a full-time freelance writer with vast knowledge in retail and online selling. Her work has been published in publications like Vogue Magazine, Forbes, etc.

In the newsletter, she provides authentic freelance advice such as gain efficiency, avoiding burnout, and charging higher rates. In most of her newsletters, you will find her sharing tips to create a better outline to enhance the blog’s effectiveness.

She also suggests to writers how to find the right topic the audience wants to read. Her subscribers love her newsletter for its non-fluff and no-bullshit advice.

7. Aliventures Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers wanting to improve focus while writing and publishing their novel

Why subscribe to it: To build a habit of writing and motivation to

Author: Ali Luke

Frequency: Weekly

Ali Luke is a fiction and non-fiction author. She has written blogs for Copyblogger, The Write Life, Write to Done, The Creative Penn, etc.

By subscribing to her newsletter, you will get access to mini eBooks to write, stay focused, and build a productive habit of writing. She gives tips on effective writing to bloggers, freelance writers, and fiction writing.

Her tips will help you make the most of your writing time. Ali believes our environment plays an important role in making a difference in our writing.

If you’re struggling with procrastination, a lack of focus, or not finding time to write, her tips will help you overcome these factors. For example, she suggests that you should constantly change your work location to make writing more enjoyable.

8. Writing To Riches Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers wanting to learn the art of persuasion to increase their online income

Why subscribe to it: Learn to sell more and build your brand faster from an established seven-figure freelance writer and entrepreneur.

Author: Charles Miller

Frequency: Twice a Week

Charles Miller is a full-time freelance writer providing Twitter and LinkedIn growth services.

He calls himself a $200/hr freelance writer who organically amassed over 1,30,000 social media followers in under 3 years.

In the newsletter, he shares tips on growing a personal brand, marketing, and selling yourself. He also shares methods to convert prospects into clients by giving a detailed breakdown of various templates.

He shares his formula to sell writing services and build social media profiles faster. If you love to spend time reading tweets, then you can also follow him on Twitter.

9. The Writer’s Job Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers looking for high-paying remote jobs from all around the world

Why subscribe to it: Get handpicked high-paying remote freelance writing jobs every Sunday straight in your inbox for free

Author: Akhil Chauhan

Frequency: Weekly

Akhil is passionate about helping freelance writers to make money online. He often tweets about writing, business, and productivity.

He shares more than 20+ sales pitches in the newsletter and paid remote writing job opportunities. The majority of the opportunities are from the US and UK markets.

In the newsletter, he includes jobs from some of the best companies like Notion, BuzzFeed, Pocket FM Corp, etc. These jobs are from different industries like business, health, Gaming, Sports, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. These are freelance as well as full-time opportunities.

Apart from jobs, he also shares weekly resources that include book recommendations, blog posts, or tools to help you bring more efficiency to your writing.

10. The Freelance Bold Newsletter

Who is it a fit for: Writers not wanting to sacrifice their boundaries and create a balance (and yet want to make good money)

Why subscribe to it: Get email templates to save time and manage new leads, invoices, late payments, and testimonials

Author: Marijana Kay

Frequency: Weekly

Marijana Kay is a freelance writer who has worked with ConvertKit, Hotjar, Zapier, CoSchedule, and Hubspot.

In the newsletter, she shares actionable steps to improve steps to bring improvement in your freelance writing business, including writing, client relationships, invoicing, email, and more.

She also shares tips for finding a balance to get the liberty to choose the work and generate a good income.

She shares actionable steps to maintain good client relationships and build a successful referral network. She often shares resources that include spreadsheets, templates, and tools to manage and grow your business effectively.

She often talks about building boundaries and organizing processes to avoid burnout. As a part of the newsletter, she sometimes shares tips to build a strong referral network, improve writing, and set a goal for your business.

Final thoughts

The newsletter mentioned above was chosen because of its unique approach. Some are entertaining. Others are inspiring, while some may give you a different approach to your imagination.

Like I said in the beginning, freelancing is hard. You need to put constant effort into becoming successful in it.

The good news is you can improve over time because we live in a world where we can access advanced technology and learn from different online resources.

Keep working on goals and make it happen for yourself!

If you know of any other newsletters for freelance writers, let me know in the comments below.

Article by Khushboo Jain Khushboo Jain