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Are you looking for inspiration to design your YouTube channel art?

Then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll share YouTube banner ideas and examples. Later, you’ll also see creative banner templates that you can tailor to brand your channel.

But why do you need a channel banner?

Without an artwork at the top, your YouTube channel looks unprofessional. Here’s an example of a channel I clicked on after their ad started showing in my YouTube home feed:

Doesn’t look appealing, aye?

So let’s look at YouTube banner examples and templates that you can start designing yours from.

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9 YouTube Banner Examples

Here are a few cool YouTube banners you can take cues from for designing yours. Let’s begin with a few responsive youtube banner examples, which also look great on mobile phones.

1. The Lion Whisperer

I love the banner image because it stands out and establishes what the channel’s about. Kevin Richardson, a wildlife conservationist and sanctuary owner, creates videos here centered majorly around his interactions with African lions.

So the collage of photos hanging out with these wild animals kissing them and putting his hand in the lion’s mouth grab the attention of channel page viewers. None of his photos or branding elements get cut on the small mobile screen either:

2. Chennai Super Kings (CSK)

A cricket franchise team that plays in the Indian Premier League, CSK is associated with the yellow color. And with the two hashtags #WhistlePodu and #Yellove.

On their channel art below, the team uses its slogan “Whistle Podu”, a splash of yellow, and the star players of the team. The banner image looks great on mobile phones — just the cricket stadium in the backdrop is not apparent.

3. Creator Insider

A channel focused on YouTube creator’s education has to get the channel art right. And by sharing their tagline “Keep it real”, their schedule, and a CTA to subscribe, they do exactly that:

4. Close

If you’re a brand, then you can use a banner like, a sales CRM. It’s simply the logo on a white background. While it could feel like a boring choice, your banner won’t get cut — on mobile phones.

Nerdwriter, a weekly video essay series on art, culture, film, and lots more subjects, also does something similar:

5. Rick Beato

If you’re an individual creator and can come up with a short sentence that represents the theme of your channel, then Rick Beato shows a simple way to integrate it into your branding. Just splash it in elegant capital letters:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

6. Vox

If you have a new video series coming out on YouTube originals, Netflix, or even your own channel, the channel art is prime real estate for promoting it. Here’s Vox promoting their show, “Glad You Asked:”

7. Veritasium

If you have a special “element” related to your brand, showcasing it in your channel art is a no-brainer. Derek Muller uses his trademarked logo, the number 42.0 resembling an element in the periodic table, and a phrase “an element of truth” to intrigue a prospect about his channel: Veritasium. The night sky (or galaxy?) in the background adds even more depth to his banner:

8. Robert E Fuller

Robert Fuller, wildlife artist and photographer does a great job at using his banner art by displaying one of his animal portraits. It represents the theme of his channel and goes well with his channel’s theme.

9. Trey Kennedy

If you’re a comedian, then having fun and an over-the-top banner might work well for your audience. In his channel art, Trey does a great job at establishing the entertainment-focused theme of his channel with a goofy picture. The colorful background looks professional and also shares his uploading frequency, thereby setting expectations for a prospective subscriber.

Youtube Banner Templates

If you’re looking for YouTube banner template PSD files to start designing with Photoshop, here are some of the best templates to suit your needs.

1. Creative YouTube Banner For Vlogs And Lifestyle Channels 

This is a great ADL graphic for Lifestyle Vlogs. It’s a high-resolution design with editable shapes and vectors. Layers are well-organized but available without fonts. It comes in three prepared sizes for mobiles, tv, and desktops.

File Formats: PSD, Ai, EPS, Preview.PNG, Source Info.txt

2. Sports YouTube Channel

Fully customizable sports channel covers will give your channel a different dimension. This pack of three editable templates is for both personal and business use. Along with the PSD files, you get fonts and layers. In my opinion, use this cover art for a professional sports channel.

File Formats: JPG, PSD

3. Yoga Channel

If you are a Yoga teacher, this set of three youtube channel art templates are for you. The colors and graphics used in each of these templates are lively yet calming. The waves and yoga chakra images represent the well-being of the mind and body. Yoga meditation covers are fully customizable and available in PSD files.

File Formats: JPG, PSD

4. Fitness Channel

Are you a professional gym/fitness trainer? Or do you document your fitness journey on youtube? These templates will make your channel stand out and give a professional feel to them. Easily add images, change fonts, colors, remove elements, etc.

File Formats: PSD

5. Music Channel Art

And here’s a trendy cover art to celebrate your music, especially if you create instrumental covers or drop original music. These creative layouts have customizable colors, texts, and fully editable layers.

File Formats: PSD, JPG

6. Influencer

Regardless of the type of influencer, these templates are suitable for corporate, creative, artistic, freelancer, and more such niches. The layers are structured as such to make customization easy and responsive. Change the color, image, design as per your liking and requirement to boost your following on Youtube with these high-resolution templates.

File Formats: PSD

7. Glitch

Not three but five youtube channel templates with automatic glitches for photos. I’d say it would look pretty rad on a DJ’s channel or a goth-themed channel. Upload your photo in smart object, and your photo will be glitched in seconds.

Along with five templates, you get cool free fonts to jazz up your cover art.

File Formats: PSD, JPG, PDF

8. Children Education Channel

If your content is centered around children between ages 2 and 8, a set of 10 PSD Art banners in childish style is sure to get you, young viewers, and old subscribers. Edit titles using smart objects and add social links to your cover for better reach.

File Formats: PSD, PDF

9. Minimal

Sublime color schemes look clean, stylish, and well-integrated. This pack of 10 illustrator templates is customizable. You can change colors, fonts, boxes and align the templates as per your wish.

There is a fill overlay in place of images you see in the preview. Since the templates are available as Ai files, you need a basic understanding of Illustrator CC and Ai layers.

File Format: Ai

10. Gaming And Geekology

Dark colors with sharp fonts and lighter accents make it apt for a gaming template. This Placeit template is fully customizable and editable. Change the color and placement of elements according to your channel theme.

File Format: High-resolution PNG

11. Gaming Streaming Channel

Feature your favorite game on this artwork and let your viewers see the game before even watching your video. The wave grids, along with the same combination of colors, give it a badass look. Customize each element in PlaceIT’s editor and download the file.

File Format: High-resolution PNG

12. Beauty Channel

Dark yet suggestive artwork for beauty channel with a minimalistic design approach is open to all types of beauty and skincare vloggers. Customize the template according to your theme and download the file.

File Format: High-resolution PNG

13. Crossfit

Prefer CrossFit more than a regular workout? Preach and teach it to your audience with sleek and attractive channel art. Customize the image and add other elements to bring it in cohesion with your overall theme.

File Format: High-resolution PNG

14. Art and Craft Channel

All you DIY enthusiasts could use a mild easy-going such as this one. It is much like a blank canvas ready to be turned into something magnificent. Edit the channel name, play around with the colors to reach your desired combination.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

15. Cosplay

Cosplay content has to be enticing and engaging this customizable template from Placeit offers editable elements for you to add, modify or eliminate. Go with this minimalist option if it fits your brand.

File Type: PNG

16. Soccer Channel Art

If you have a channel dedicated to soccer, then it’s difficult not to like this template. You will have access to one modern and one behive design template, which is inspired by the pentagons on the soccer ball.

File Formats: PSD

17. Multipurpose Channel Banners

Whatever your channel is about, use this collection of the multipurpose template to enhance the look of your youtube channel and increase the followers. The fully editable layers and vectorized graphics are sure to make your channel stand out.

File Format: PSD

18. Family Channel Art

If you are a YouTuber sharing family stories (or run a family centric channel), just adding a picture of your folks can be monotonous. Make it more soulful with this customizable two-part Fotojet template. The first part lets you add a picture and the second can be used for adding some clipart and text designs.

File Format: JPG, PNG

19. Food Photo Collage

A mix of fitness and food goes well with this collage template with ample space for your video title. It’s a customizable Canva template. You can upload different photos to the grid, add effects, edit filters, etc. to personalize the artwork.

Fonts used: Montserrat Classic

This refreshing template will go well with specific health blogs or juice recipe vlogs.

20. Vintage Instruments Music Channel Art

This customizable Canva template gave me a vibe of “the summer of 69.” You can modify its colors, add labels and effects to suit the theme of your channel.

Fonts used: Open Sans, Special Elite.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

21. Graphic Illustration Youtube Channel Art

Graphic illustration artists could use this template for a story channel. If your whole theme revolves around animations or pixel character’s this artwork would fit well within the vibe. There is plenty of space to add titles, information, etc. Change the color of this template or replace the character’s body with yours to add personality.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

Font used: VT323

22. Artwork For Marine Inspired Channel

This Blue Ocean Elegant Youtube Channel is best for marine life enthusiasts. Is your channel all about sea animals or the best beaches or anything related to water? This template would attract all aficionados.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

23. Hoop

Pack of 3 PSD file youtube covers with bold colors and geometric backgrounds. Use it in many different ways like adventure sports channel, EDM channel, etc. Since it’s a PSD file, you can edit and change the elements of the templates.

24. Monochrome Photo Collage Tutorial Channel Art 

Running an art gallery? Collector of artifacts? Or perhaps the owner of an online pawnshop? This custom photo exhibit brochure template is a bold combination of pink, black with watercolor details from Canva’s library. Insert your exhibit’s official logo, with creative shapes, lines, effects, etc.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

25. Mathematics and Physics Channel Art

Dark Blue and Turquoise Gaming Youtube Channel Art are more than just that. Doesn’t the template remind you of integration, algebra, etc.? As an online maths tutor or a math geek, this template will engage the right audience for your channel.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

26. Poetry and Fiction

Lyrical ballads to the poetry of the romantic period and the discourse of late-night balls scream soft yet dark colors and the comfort of swaying trees. This template is best for late-night sleep stories or ballads/poems of ancient ages.

Have you used the app calm before? It is made to help people get better sleep by providing them with stories to listen to. This template gives me the same feel.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

27. Baking Channel Art

What screams sweet more than the colorful picture of macaroons? As a baker selling or teaching recipes on YouTube this could put some life to your channel. The vibrant yet soft colors ooze comfort and delight. Since it is a Canva template, you can edit it, and add effects to your artwork.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

28. Abstract Art Channel

Teaching abstract art on YouTube using watercolors or gouache is what this template is about. Being an abstract art influencer calls for an equally ruminating cover art. If you aren’t creating it from scratch, then this template might be a good place to start, given the colors match your style.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

29. Motherhood Youtube Channel Art

Being a mom can be challenging, and nobody knows it better than experienced moms. If your videos revolve around the facets of motherhood, consider using this template as your channel’s artwork. The best part about this template is that you can replace the image with your face or you and your kid.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

30. Travel Vloggers Youtube Channel Template

This template could be used for adventure vlogs and solo travel vlogs alike. Replace the mock images with your most attractive voyage pictures. Take inspiration from the pictures used in the template and use the same colors.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

31. Dynamic Action Sports Channel Art

Your action videos deserve some authentic-looking cover art. Beach setting paired with waves and clear blue skies, paired with simple text and a plain white accent, give this template a modern look.

Replace the images with your water adventures while maintaining the theme of your channel. It is fully customizable and available for download in different file formats.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

32. Wellness and Self Care 

Mental health and wellness are reflected in the selection of colors. A blend of light and dark colors flatters the subtlety of body and mind. However, you can turn it into a daily tips channel as well. A pleasant template as such juxtaposes with the complexity of mind.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

33. Channel About Vlogging 

Presenting a quirky Canva template that uses a 3D human object. You can customize the colors, fonts, text, image to match your channel’s theme. While the topic it’s based on is the art of vlogging, other educational channels could also use it.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

34. Fashion Vlogger Channel Art

This is a simple, elegant, and vibrant template for all the fashion advisers, thrift store shoppers, clothing haul vloggers, etc. It’s suitable for hauls and thrift store fashion vlogs. To change it according to your theme, replace the girl’s image with your own—defining your take on vogue.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

35. Modern Technology Channel Art

This cover art may not look as geeky but is elegant enough for tech testing vlogs and reviews. The colors blend into a cohesive mix giving it an edge yet maintaining the simplicity. As it is a Canva template, customizing elements is easy. There’s enough room for experimenting with the placement of the title and adding a subtext to it.

File formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

36. Pet Influencer Channel

Have a channel dedicated to your pets? If you are a pet influencer, this template is plain, contemporary, and cool. You can customize it the way you want. Perhaps even add your pet’s face on the cover to attract fellow pet owners.

File Formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

37. Interview Channel Art

This Asymmetrical Overlay YouTube channel art is ideal for interview channels. If you are someone who interviews famous personalities or commoners with extraordinary stories, check this minimalistic design template.

You can choose to use this channel to document your journey as a visual auto-biography with your face on the cover art. Download the file to use it.

File Formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

38. Nature Channel Art

If your content is anything similar to Nat Geo, Canva’s nature template is worth consideration. The snowcapped mountains, serene water, and comforting yet isolated trees take you to wildlife. Add your logo at the corner of the cover and pair it with the title in the same font for a similar effect.

File Formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, JPG, MP4, GIF

39. Favorite Books Channel Art

Hello fellow reader! If I had a channel to review my favorite books or talk about a book haul, I’d bookmark this template. The warm lights and blue overlay gives a mix of vintage and modern touch to the template. It instantly takes me back to the rustic smell of old books with a simmering cup of coffee.

Visme’s book template is customizable and editable and supports PNG, PDF, JPG, and PPTX.

40. Drawing Lessons Template

What’s a better template for a drawing lessons channel than colors, pencils, and a sketch pad on the cover. Instead of drawing Lessons as the title, choose a more quirky one. Replace the text with an attractive font.

File Formats: PNG, PDF, JPG and PPTX.

Final Thoughts

YouTube banner art is precious branding real estate. It represents what you stand for and can set quick expectations about your channel for a new viewer. If it’s elegant and professional, you start a relationship with your audience on the right note.

Hope the banner art templates and examples in this article help you in designing a professional background for your channel.

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