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In a world where you can do anything on social media, these ladies chose to be transparent, authentic, and unapologetically themselves. They are not just YouTube stars but an inspiration for many young people inclined towards the entertainment industry.

This list of best female YouTubers consists of women worthy of more fame than they are getting right now. You can pave your path to success and even make money on YouTube by learning from their struggle, passion, and consistency to attain their goal.

1. Liza Koshy

Like many other popular female YouTubers, Kosy started with Vine in 2013 by shooting 6-second videos on her cellphone. She got 7 million followers on Vine itself when she upped her camera skills, added new editing techniques, started creating skits, etc.

The YouTube switch happened in 2015. In an interview with Forbes; she said, “I eventually realized that I could talk for much longer than that,” and started creating series like Driving with Liza, Grocery shopping with Liza, etc. Her popularity grew tenfold, which led her to interview Barack Obama in 2016.

Her YouTube channel’s success has given her opportunities to direct her own YouTube show, Liza on Demand, partnered with Vogue to host Met Gala, and much more.

YouTube niche: Punnery, physical gags, and parodies

Why her videos stand out: Liza keeps them fresh and relatable. All her videos are great examples of brilliant storytelling. She focuses on making feel-good videos for her audience, even if it’s in small pieces.

New YouTubers have a lot to learn from Koshy when it comes to changing an adversity to an opportunity – like she did when Vine shut down.

Videos worth watching:

2. Emma Chamberlain

Emma will have you rolling on the floor with her absurd and random topics. This young YouTuber is one of a kind, if not the most hilarious person on YouTube. She films weekly vlogs about her routine and whereabouts.

Chamberlain started watching YouTube when she was six years old to connect with other people, and she felt like she had cool friends. She took to YouTube after finishing her high school education.

YouTube niche: Quirky, funny lifestyle vlogs

Why her videos stand out: She is authentic and effortlessly funny. This kind of randomness is refreshing and comfortable to watch. It’s not often that you come across a young female YouTuber as famous as her, and yet downright humble.

I don’t think anyone spends as much time editing their videos as Chamberlain does. She wants people to enjoy the comic value of each video, and at times she edits for 10 to 15 hours at a stretch as this YouTuber is training herself for long-distance editing.

Her collaboration videos are the best, especially those with the Dolan YouTuber twins. Emma constantly tries new vlog ideas like spending 24 hours on the balcony to make her content unique and dynamic.

Videos worth watching: You may grow to love her if you watch a few of her best videos.

3. Rosanna Pansino

She is one of the most recognized bakers who started her YouTube channel with a cheap camera and exploring a hobby.

Before she got success through YouTube, she wanted to become a Hollywood actor as she took theatre classes throughout her childhood. And all the dedication did pay off when she landed a full-time gig on the show Glee as a background cheerleader, but she was still struggling to make ends meet and didn’t even have a home to live.

Panino saved enough to take a huge leap of faith and spent everything on equipment to start her YouTube channel. She is a 6 a.m. person and spends 70 hours in the kitchen per week. You can learn to live a better lifestyle by following her disciplined schedule.

YouTube niche: Baking and taste testing

Why her videos stand out: Her baking tutorials on YouTube are highly visual. She has dyslexia and knows the importance of clear communication, which you can observe in her videos.

Pansino is profoundly creative with her baby shark cakes, spring cookies, caramel corn, and more recipes despite never attending culinary or pastry school,

I love the videos where she recreates different recipes in her unique way. This YouTube baker’s measurements are always accurate, and she breaks down the recipes in a way that caters to a broader audience with no culinary experience.

Videos worth watching:

4. Yuya

Yuya (aka Mariand Castrejon) is a popular Mexican YouTube sensation who goes by her childhood nickname on her channel, which she started almost ten years ago after winning a makeup competition when she was 16.

Her videos revolve around beauty, style, makeup, and fashion. Owing to her YouTube success, this young female YouTuber launched her perfume in 2015 and a line of cosmetics in 2017.

Her videos can be hard to follow if you speak or understand Spanish because she talks fast, and the auto-generated captions don’t help much.

YouTube niche: Beauty and fashion videos

Why her videos stand out: She has a way with expressions and a likable personality. Every video is full of positivity and happy vibes. This young YouTuber is so honest about her life and daily events, it makes the viewing experience exceptional.

Videos worth watching: Here are a few of her videos that you may like to watch.

5. Bethany Mota

Bethany is one of the most admired female YouTubers of 2021, and she has been around ever since she was a teenager.

She calls her fans mota-vators as they encourage her to keep on producing valuable content. Her videos started grabbing attention when she filmed shopping hauls that describe her sense of style and fashion.

Today, Bethany has her fashion line with Aeropostale, a published book on finding style, and a line of delicate jewelry co-designed with former Tiffany &Co. designer. Yet, she continues to film hauls, makeup routines, lifestyle, and DIY room decor videos on YouTube.

YouTube niche: Fashion and lifestyle vlogs

Why her videos stand out: This YouTube star is the perfect example of a responsible influencer. She uses her platform to also speak on topics like anti-bullying and acceptance.

YouTube skills such as creating gravitating content, being authentic, adding humor to content, consistently reflecting on her performance, and taking calculated risks are what keeps her at the top of the game.

She also teaches her viewers how to balance passion and business by knowing when to say no to something or grab an opportunity when you see one.

Videos worth watching: Here are some of her most loved videos.

6. SSSniperWolf

Alia Marie, aka SSSniperWolf, is one of the most popular young female streamers on YouTube. She started her channel with streaming games such as Call Of Duty, Overwatch, Fortnite, and even bagged the Best Gamer at Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award in 2019 and 2020.

Alia’s gaming career began at 16, with Crash Bandicoot, Contra, and Metal Gear Solid being her favorites. The channel name SSSniperWolf comes from her love for Metal Gear Solid, in which Sniper Wolf is one of the main antagonists.

This Britain born female YouTuber got her first PlayStation at the age of 8 as a gift from her father, and that’s how she developed a love for games. However, she changed her gaming channel to a reaction channel where she films herself reacting to funny, gore, crazy, and other types of videos.

YouTube niche: Gaming and reaction videos

Why her videos stand out: She has managed to make her channel full of evergreen videos, and that’s why each of her videos pulls millions of viewers. She creates a list of highly viral videos and forms an evergreen theme around them.

Lia’s videos get you hooked to them because there are no exit points as she jumps directly to the content without spending a chunk of time in intros.

Videos worth watching: Here are some of her most-watched videos on YouTube.

7. Miranda Sings

Miranda Sings is Colleen Ballinger’s fictional character who has little to no talent but considers herself worthy of fame. This funny female YouTuber has carried out this charade for 13 years, and her viewers seem to be loving every bit of it.

Colleen has another YouTube channel where she puts up song covers, and it is equally popular and loved by her audience. She studied vocal performance in California and would often sing and perform for her family. It contrasts with Miranda, who is off-key, off rhythm, and has incorrect political and offensive views.

The women who studied with her in college inspired Colleen to flesh out Miranda, and she started going on international tours to perform live for the last ten years. She even has her own Netflix show called “Haters Back Off.”

YouTube niche: Funny fictional character vlogs

Why her videos stand out: Colleen is always in character, and you never see her step out of it in the middle of the video. Miranda is a well-developed character based on satire and relatability with egoistic contestants that you often see on talent shows.

She goes to lengths to give body to Miranda by adding quirks such as active eyebrows, lopsided smirk, her famous lipstick, and her signature line, “haters back off.” Miranda Sings is an apt example of a well-defined personality brought out by consistency.

You can learn from the comics and style on creating a backstory, developing a theme, having contrasts with a signature move, and more. Miranda Sings is one of the best female YouTube comedians and storytellers.

Videos worth watching: Here are a few of the most popular videos of Miranda.

8. EmmyMade

Emmy is a Chinese-American female YouTuber who started her channel when she lived in Japan. She has a sophisticated palate and tries everything from MREs to preserved brains, insects, etc.

Emmy loves to taste food from different countries, cultures, and even decades. Sometimes you may want to avert your eyes, unable to stomach the food items she tests as she has a high tolerance for terrifying food.

Food unites cultures, and her YouTube channel teaches us just that. This YouTuber is respectful of different cultures and teaches her viewers the same by familiarizing them with cuisine from around the globe.

YouTube niche: Tasting and making food from different cultures and decades.

Why her videos stand out: Her accent, description of flavor and textures, soothing voice, sophisticated pallet, opening packets of food, and everything else in her videos just adds to the building sense of satisfaction.

Emmy also cooks with bizarre elements and repurposes them into drool-worthy meals. She’s quite a chef and never lets preconceived notions of food sway her taste buds, making her reviews more authentic and sincere.

Who would have thought military rations would be palatable, let alone delicious? Emmy has a refreshing take on taste testing, and I wanted to try each MRE, even the least appetizing food.

Videos worth watching: Here are a few of my favorite videos on her YouTube channel.

9. Yoga With Adriene

Out of all the channels associated with yoga, Adriene Mishler’s channel gave me something to look forward to every day. She is an American actress, international yoga teacher, and entrepreneur who co-founded the yoga subscription service Find What Feels Good. You’ll notice her saying that in each of her videos.

Adriene took up yoga classes in college and found her business partner during a shoot of a horror film in 2012, who encouraged her to give it a go at the yoga channel.

YouTube niche: Yoga for body and mind

Why her videos stand out: There’s so much love and warmth in her videos which gives the viewers a deeper understanding of themselves by combining conscious breathing methods with body movements for a whole mind-body experience.

Adriene has a simple formula, “lots of love in, lots of love out,” focusing on holistic development instead of the outer body alone. I found peace in her voice and style of teaching because she lets you see what feels good and not obsess over the picture-perfect yoga postures.

It’s an understatement to say she brings out healthy emotions through her practice. Even the content she put up six years back works like magic for the soul.

Videos worth watching: Although I love all her videos, here are some of my favorites:

10. Dr. Vanita Rattan

Dr. Vanita, or Dr. V as her fans call her, deserves to be found by every person of color. She is a doctor and cosmetic formulator for skin of color who owns The Hyperpigmentation Clinic and launched the world’s first pigmentation kits.

She started her YouTube channel five years ago but has only started producing regular content since last year. Dr. V’s channel is dedicated to skin color and has seen rapid growth within the last six months. Hyram inspired her to educate the public on the good and bad sides of ingredients used to formulate cosmetic products.

YouTube niche: Cosmetic products for skin of color

Why her videos stand out: As her fan, I have nothing but praise for her because if it wasn’t for her, I would still use many harmful products on my skin and won’t even bother to learn about the ingredient list.

Dr. V reviews products from famous brands across the globe, such as Cerave, Dove, Cetaphil, Suganda, and explains in detail if they are suitable for skin of color. She doesn’t take sponsorship for her videos, which makes her content transparent and trustworthy.

She also recommends cosmetic products on her channel, shares her skincare routine, demonstrates layering of items on the skin, warns the audience about marketing tactics, etc.

Why her videos are worth watching:

11. Jihyunkkung

If I could give the most aesthetic young home cook an award, Jihyunkkung would be my first choice. She’s a young Korean female YouTuber who goes to college, has a part-time job, and cooks mouth-watering food with the utmost grace.

From the pastel color walls to stunning clothes and stunning ceramic vessels, it’s a feel-good trip. She started her channel with cafe vlogs while working as a part-timer in a business administration company.

YouTube niche: Daily vlogs, cooking in Korea

Why her videos stand out: Her videos have a natural ambiance that sounds like the sizzle of onions in hot oil, the sharp but satisfying cut of vegetables, the gurgling sound of soda meeting ice, and the mewing of her adorable cat.

Jihyunkkung has over 2 million subscribers without even using her voice to engage with the audience. All her videos have Korean subtitles, and you can turn on English captions to get an idea of what she’s saying.

Her time management skills will put you to shame. She makes heavy meals with side dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even with college exams. You’d envy her lifestyle and may even want to pack your bags and run to Korea to live like her.

Videos worth watching: There’s no video that you wouldn’t like to watch. Here are some of her most popular videos:

12. Dearly Bethany

I’ve been a fan of Bethany’s style ever since I stumbled upon her chic style video. She likes slow neutral fashion and tries to reach for unique pieces that flatter her petite frame. Her Instagram fame led her to launch her YouTube channel under the name Dear Bethany in 2014.

YouTube niche: Style and fashion videos and podcasts.

Why her videos stand out: Bethany Noel Mota likes to find fabrics like linen that break down easily and invests in ethical fashion brands like Elizabeth Suzann. She rarely includes sponsors in her videos which makes you trust her opinion more than other stylists.

Bethany’s content goes beyond outer fashion as she gives you tips about finding your style, developing habits in your early 20s, the advice she would give to her younger self, mistakes that she made as a teenager, etc.

It’s a shame she isn’t the most popular female YouTuber when it comes to personal style because her content is top-notch, and you would instantly feel at ease by tuning into any of her videos.

Videos worth watching:

13. English With Lucy

Lucy Earl started her channel in her final year of university in 2016 to pay off the business loan of £500 that she took from her dad for YouTube equipment. Little did she know her channel would amass an audience of over 6 million subscribers, making her a full-time YouTuber.

Even though she was majoring in marketing, this female YouTube star knew she wanted to do something in languages and spend little time in England. While Lucy was working in a company in Spain, a financial crisis hit the company, and she found herself jobless overnight.

She worked as an English teacher in Spain for the next nine months, and surprisingly she found herself extremely bad at teaching grammar and started looking for videos to improve at teaching.

When she realized that most of the best-known content online was traditional and boring, she wanted to borrow a different chatty style from then-popular female YouTuber Zoella. She already had 40k subscribers when she graduated from university, and it increased to 100k in the next six months, which led her to become a full-time YouTuber.

YouTube niche: English speaking tutorials

Why her videos stand out: Lucy makes learning easy. Being a non-native English speaker, I had no problems following and understanding her style of teaching.

Aside from that, I love her work ethic and her commitment to producing valuable content.

Videos worth watching:

14. Emma Heesters

Emma Heesters is Holland’s most popular musical YouTuber who is also a songwriter and performer.

In 2019 Emma collaborated with Boyce Avenue on their Europe tour, teamed up with Kurt Hugo multiple times, performed at VidCon in the UK and the US, appeared on Hollant TV shows, went platinum with her album, and also won Holland’s first MTV push award.

YouTube niche: Singing, songwriting

Why her videos stand out: Emma tries singing in different languages, especially Indian. Her collaboration videos show her discipline and dedication to her work. It’s worth learning work ethics from her lifestyle.

Videos worth watching:

15. Lena Danya

Lena is a full-time fine artist from Ukraine, now living in the United States. Growing up, she knew she wanted to do something in fine art, and so while attaining her college degree, she started this youtube channel.

However, she quit college after a year, did art full-time, and worked at a restaurant until YouTube became a financial support source.

Danya saw other artists living through YouTube, and she discussed it with other artists before taking it up full-time.

Nature and the ocean inspires and reminds her to feel alive. To her, painting is a way of processing life. According to an interview with the Art Side of Life, she said, “Make as much work as you possibly can, immerse yourself, and awesome things will happen!”.

YouTube niche: Oil painting, Fine art

Why her videos stand out: Her videos are all-time-lapses of the stunning oil painting art she creates that she learned from Bob Ross and visiting museums. Her birch wood panel paintings and water series are incredible pieces of work.

Young YouTubers can take a page from their book on the effort behind making captivating content. From tutorials to art talks, each video is full of authenticity and appreciation of art.

Videos worth watching: Here are some of her most popular videos.

16. Kati Morton

Kati Morton is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Santa Monica and a YouTube creator who has now built a global mental health community of over 1 million people.

She uses YouTube to spread awareness about mental disorders and eliminate the stigma around therapy. Her husband encouraged her to leverage YouTube to share her knowledge on eating disorders and their treatments.

YouTube niche: Psychology-related videos

Why her videos stand out: Over the years, she has dedicated her time and education to help break down the stigma associated with all mental illnesses and encourage more people to reach out for help.

She is consistent in uploading her content, and each video has a lot of value. She gives real-life case studies of people with a mental health disorder that are also helpful for psychology students to understand the topics in-depth.

Videos worth watching:

17. Jouelzy

Jouelzy is a cultural commentator on YouTube who also founded #SmartBrownGirl to create discussions centered around African diaspora, Black identity, pop culture trends with a political lens.

When she noticed a lack of representation from witty and educated black women on YouTube, she started her channel in 2010 and has since amassed 221k subscribers. This well-read female YouTuber dropped out of her college and moved to New York, searching for jobs to support her dreams.

It wasn’t until she interviewed Michelle Obama that she realized she wanted to keep doors open for underrepresented women.

YouTube niche: Bookclub, podcasts

Why her videos stand out:

Though her audience isn’t as massive as the other famous female YouTubers, Joulzey believes having a niche audience is as valuable as a large audience.

Each video is authentic and represents her transparent stance on patriarchy, double marginalization of women, mental health, politics of living, and so much more.

Videos worth watching:

18. Jenna Moreci

Jenna Moreci deserves so much more attention and YouTube subscribers than she has right now. As a fellow writer, I find her content top-notch.

This sci-fi author and YouTube star does not believe in the concept of ‘having no time to write’ as she became a full-time author while looking after her fiance, who incurred a spine injury. She jokingly calls herself a cyborg when it comes to dealing with emotions.

Moreci is a former stockbroker and accountant who switched careers to become a fiction writer.

She is hilarious, unapologetically honest about her opinions, and unsparing when calling out bad tropes in novels. Her channel consists of tips and tricks of writing fiction in a somewhat sarcastic and witty manner.

YouTube niche: Writing tips and craft of writing

Why her videos stand out: Jenna knows quite a bit about YouTube skills as she advises new YouTubers first to put up a couple of videos to grow the audience and then introduce them to your personal life.

With her deadpan humor, she is one of the top authors on YouTube. Apart from giving tips to budding writers, she also talks about the vocation of being an author, like dealing with haters.

Videos worth watching:

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities do you need to be a YouTuber?

To become a successful YouTuber, you need these basic qualities:

  • Make your content irresistible and powerful to keep your audience hooked.
  • Follow a consistent schedule, but don’t deteriorate the quality of your content.
  • Actively engage with the viewers in the comment section.
  • Properly organize your videos into playlists.
  • Collaborate with other YouTubers and make a unique brand for your channel.
  • Make use of YouTube tags to get more views for free.

Here are a few tips to help you promote your YouTube channel.

Who is the kindest YouTuber?

People immensely love Mr. Beast because of the kindness visible through videos such as surprising a homeless man with a house, hosting weekly charity live streams, paying money to people even after losing a challenge, and the like.

Who is the richest female YouTuber?

Lilly Singh is the wealthiest female YouTuber in 2021, with a net worth of $20 million.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of the best female YouTubers inspires you to follow your passion in the entertainment industry or other desired fields. When reviewing the journey of these YouTubers, keep in mind that it took them a while to start earning via YouTube.

If you intend to make YouTube your only form of income, you must rely on several platforms for monetization at the beginning while growing your audience.

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